It is inevitable not to think about Christmas when November arrives. In surprises. In hot appetizers, warm wines. To embrace opportunities.

For it has always been very important to create a universe of opportunities and benefits to our customers, that are with us since the first day. And this month brings the certainty that it is the perfect time for Inexistencia launch a very special offer to all our customers. Because we feel the fragrant atmosphere Christmas, expectations and cravings around this festive season.
We make, as an appetizer for this date, various packs that associate design store products with national gourmet products, exemplary quality. Portugal has conquer its place in the world - standing out and being, on numerous occasions, the number one consumer's choice.
Outside, they know us for wine and olive oil. We are in the first row. They all elect these products in our country and no one can resist them, much less lose the opportunity to try them.

We searched for the best national producers, who win, who are dedicated and stand out for being the most notable. We brought to this successful partnership the brand "Poeira", from the renowned winemaker Jorge Moreira, from Douro, which his nickname is "Master of Portuguese wine."


jorge moreira


The excellence of his work and his wisdom is reflected in the wine "Red Dust" exceptionally classified.

It's noted for its support in acidity, as opposed to most of Oporto wine - sustained in tannin.


"I want that each wine is the mirror of the vineyards that give rise to"


The perfection of these wines can only be distinguished and the "Poeira 2010" obtained 94 points in its classification, is considered an impressive wine, structured, focused and with the potential age.

"The Poeira will tell the story of my farm."



The issue that makes them special wines have to necessarily go through the passion of the creators. Jorge Moreira shows a fascination with the vineyards, the grapes, the lands.
Criticism turned this wine in one of the preferred and chosen by numerous wine lovers, who surrendered to the consistency of the product, which has inherited many adjectives that elevate and make it one of the best! This is a mature wine and very fruity and balance this opulence, there is a strong element of aging in wood.

To enjoy the mix of flavors that complement the wine, Decanter Eva Solo, with hanging funnel, turns out to be the perfect choice to serve the "Red Dust", completing the pleasure of drinking with the sophistication of the piece.






Also from Douro...

a region that has won the hearts of all who visit it, comes the second delicacy. 

casa mateus



In Casa de Mateus (Matthew's House), prominent not only be linked to agricultural production but also because it is owned by the family of the Counts of Vila Real. This heritage stands out in the national and international scene.

In this house, which turns out to be a dynamic organization, is produced Olive Oil "Casa de Mateus".


"The oil Casa de Mateus joins the inspiration of the Douro landscape the taste of tradition."

Premium recent but promises to be a pleasant surprise for lovers. We believe you will find their position both in our country but also internationally. It is a challenge that will bear fruit!
And to serve with elegance this oil that asks and calls for perfection, we suggest a bottle of Grand Cru Rosendhal. Very attractive with regard to price and yet an incredible style, it will be worth to put the oil bottle.


We continue in Portugal...

demand for the perfect combination of products. We wanted the best, those who arrested our attention, those that awaken the senses.
So, in the Serra de São Mamede, one of the biodiversity reserves of the Iberian Peninsula, in the beautiful Alentejo we find TerriuS. Most curious and surprising our choice becomes, when we discovered that TerriuS emerges of a group of young people. With only four years of existence, this idea that emerged in 2011, already has certificates, attendance in gastronomic events, recipes contest. A national brand that suggests a return to origins, to the flavors of old, who want to share them with the world.

For our packs, we chose the Pepper Mustard Piquilho. The flavor of the peppers to become and culminate in mustard, which suggests a return to origins, to the flavors of old, who want to share them with the world.


The TerriuS works daily to develop new products based on quality and excellence of local raw materials (...)" - Team TerriuS

The peculiarity of this mustard allows suits to countless recipes and dishes, giving a unique touch that will result in the explosion of amazing flavours.


As a suggestion to present the cucumber canapes, the lily leaf Bordallo Pinheiro. Take the charm of water lilies and bordalliana creativity to your table, matches with the same originality of TerriuS product.

This is the most sublime form of bloom the Christmas spirit and it's a bet you think that is won, therefore, it also associates the Portuguese Airline ­ TAP ­ with double miles to offer to TAP customers who purchase these amazing packs. €1 = 2 miles.

But if you're not a travelling lover, the earth smells are want you prefer, these packs are also for you. They are, after all, an early gift for the Christmas essence awakens and transport to the very special magic that carries this season.

So, we join the best of what we have in our store, with different national products in praise as a country and carrying Portugal to the World.

This will be the year of the initiative!



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