Decanter with perforated funnel - Eva Solo

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    Eva Solo Decanter with perforated funnel
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Eva Solo - Decanter with perforated funnel

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    Eva Solo Decanter with perforated funnel with cool element
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Eva Solo - Decanter with perforated funnel with cool element



Decanter, to take the best that wine has to offer...

This decanter decants delicately the wine through a perforated funnel and integrated in the bottle. The wine breathes while passing through the small hole in a simple yet effective way.
The wider part of the bottle adds to the process of oxigenation.

To decant is to serve, that is this decanter's motto!

The decanter holds a bottle of wine (75cl) and has a dip-free system.

Also available → Decanter with perforated funnel with cool element
In this original version, your favorite decanter comes up with a practical and ingenious cooling system!
Ideal to offer to the fans of white wine or rosé for the nectar of the gods may remain always well fresh :)
Simply remove the gel bag from the base and place it in the freezer. And when the time comes to serve the wine, just place the ice-cold gel bag at the decanter base.
This way the Decanter will always remain very cool even during the most loooong and fun conversations! 😉

Why decant wine?
When wine is decanted or aerated, the tannins are soften and rounds off the acids allowing the opening up of the wine's scents.
In other words, the wine becomes more comlex and gathers a fuller taste, therefore, being more pleasant to drink.
By comparison, it takes almost one day to let the wine breathe after the opening of the bottle, who has time for that?


Made of handmade blown glass and stainless steel.
Dishwasher safe.


design Claus Jensen e Henrik Holbæk
Eva Solo
Height: 18.5 cm
Diameter: 13.3 cm
Capacity: 0.75 lt



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