This is the day of pampering with special affection your greatest friend.

Best friend is the one that follows us wherever we go, that shows faith, who plays and give affection, even without speaking, has a thousand of emotions.
Animals are worthy of your full attention, and even if they do not understand the existence of a day dedicated to them, you should book this day in your note book to show to your most faithful friend how special he is.

No matter if it's a dog, a cat or a bird: the love and the affection of these animals is huge and therefore they have always reserved a special place in the hearts of those who care for them. These are life partners that surprise us all the time, stay always by our side giving all their love.

In the Inexistencia store we are not indifferent to Animal Day and we have a special selection of products that you can offer to your friend. Believe that a new bed or a modern bowl to taste the food will make all the difference in your pet's life.
How about offering a very unique gift?

Find out our suggestions:


On one side, water, on the other, food.

In the middle? A joyfull, nice kitten awaits company!

bird feeder

Made of  translucid glass, it is possible to observe the birds from all angles.

They are shaped like small weaver bird’s nests, and quickly become a charming and natural place for garden birds to gather



The dog house is the perfect resting place for your four-legged friend.

Designed and built to be used outdoors and with a little bench that helps the smaller dogs climbing the house.

A real house where your dog will be very happy!


Its round, simple and light shape makes it the perfect home for the small inhabitants.

Perfect for the Spring days, when the birds sing out loud.



A fun bowl, always ready for another lick. Because your bestfriend deserves be the dog with the most modern bowl.

Your bestfriend thanks you and so will your decoration.


To our team, The Animal Day is very special because every day we count with the company of a very special friend, Black.

...and look at this happy cat, with its modern and stylish bowl.