Planet bird house - SimpleForms

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SimpleForms - Planet bird house natural

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SimpleForms - Planet bird house dark brown



Planet - the little birds universe...

Embellish your garden and invite birds for dinner!!!

A bird house in the garden, 100% Portuguese: products made in Portugal with a bold and innovating design.
Its round, simple and light shape makes it the perfect home for the small inhabitants.

The entrance, with a small pedestal, has the right size for the smaller birds, avoiding the entrance of unwanted guests.

Then, it is up to you: one, two or three Planets in your garden... the different heights.... create your own solar system!!!!
Life up your garden.

The birds houses can be suspended by steel cables or can be fixed on the fllor by a steel support..
Made of cork agglomerate and steel tube.

design Alzira Peixoto e Carlos Mendonça 

Height: 21 cm
Diameter: 20 cm


Pet's day

last update: 19 September 2016

Pet's day
A very special friend, always faithful that deserve all our attention and affection.