08 February 2017

It's all about love

No ideas to surprise your soulmate? We have suggestions of plans, to make this the most romantic day of the year.


Those who are in love share caresses and touches; with roses as decoration and candles as the perfect detail to complete the scenario. It is pure love. And it's time to share it!

For those who love dancing, who share the passion for movies or who can not resist a surprise. It's time to get ready! If you haven't thought yet about how to surprise your soulmate, or what to do, find out our suggestions!


It's all about love...


surprise your soulmate with a breakfast in bed

house doctor

To start the day the best way possible, nothing is more romantic and loving than little candies, a steaming coffee flavored with cinnamon, a warm tea, some sweet jam, red berries that remind us the color of love, and biscuits to share. A breakfast in bed is always a perfect excuse to take a few more minutes under the warm blankets, as well as a tasty surprise to start the day with happiness. Prepare everything the night before, in the most secret way, and in the morning, just let yourself be carried away by love.




prepare a romantic dinner

Candlelight, a glass of wine, the best snacks and an appropriate decoration. It may seem like a cliché, but if you prepare a dinner full of love, it will be unforgetable. It will always be special! Prepare your soulmate favourite meal and enjoy the night the best way ever.

holme gaard



organize a home theater night

If you are both lovers of the seventh art, and if movie marathons occupy much of the weekend plans, why not make it even more special? Decorate the room with a few candles to create ambiance, prepare the popcorns, create a small movie theater inside the comfort of your home. So, with privacy, and without the hustle and bustle of the public cinemas, the night will certainly be much more special. Little surprises, make all the difference!

normann copenhagen



invite to dance

Yes, even at home; You don't have to go to a club. Just be creative: after all, it is time to spread love. With small objects it will be much easier to invite your love to dance. Believe us, it's going to be truly amazing, unexpected and very romantic.

eos VITA



spread surprise messages - at surprising places




Is there any better way than to get home and be surprised with romantic messages? This is the perfect opportunity to declare your love: without shame, fears or constraints. Spread love. On magnetic boards, at the office panels: important is hiding the messages on unusual places, so the surprise will be even greater. Do not forget this idea and spoil your love.



Pamper your soulmate!


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