In 2002 we opened the first Portuguese ecommerce store dedicated to interior design and decoration.
Every day we have new offers and promotions for every division of your home, more than 10 000 items and 50 brands of decoration and design.

In January 2016, Inexistencia store was elected by Vogue Portugal as one of the best on-line shops.
We are at Top 15!!

In addition to the changes that guarantee a world of advantages, the Inexistência store has also an incentive program for architecture offices and Interior Design offices:

The Professionals Program.

The Professionals Program is oriented for professionals of the decoration activity. It's a completely free offer and has an associate discount on every purchase in the store.


A world of benefits

The Professionals Program assigns a discount to your Office, also making it our affiliate, allowing the access to special prices in all the purchases made. The discount percentage doesn’t accumulate with other promotions.


Increasing discount every day

Discount levels increase based on the annual value of purchases. 
They are valid for any product purchased.
We also have a customer support service that provides all the information on brands and products we represent.



Terms and Conditions

  • The values of the sizes are not included in the calculation of the annual value of purchases.
  • If it exceeds your actual level you should request a discount's review, being assigned a new code. reserves the right to modify at any time the advantages and benefits of the present professional program.


If you want to subscribe the Professional Program, please contact us.