"The book let us be alone being with somebody at the same time." Mário Quintana



The love for books, the words, the contour of each page, let us fly to places that has the power to steal our breath.
For book lovers, spend some time reading is not an effort but a pleasure that will complete their day. They will forget the stress from work, the daily routine.

For a pleasant journey why don't you create your own space for reading?
An area inspired by adventures, love stories, thrillers and funny moments. A little space where you can be a princess, the hero, the main character or even the bad guy.
The reading nooks scream for comfort as well as fantasy. Choose the right place! 


፨ Run away from the frenzy

Run away from the frenzy and choose silence instead so you can enjoy your books the most. A place where you can focus in your reading, so you must choose a place where you can find peace and tranquility.
This is a moment to relax without any anoing sounds around you.


You should choose comfortable chairs where you can be for hours

It's super important to use comfort chairs and sofas so that you can have pleasant moments. When it is time to read, we losttime, so it is necessary to have comfortable furniture - it prevents problems with your back, If you manage to add style and modernity, so much the better.

Enjoy these moments of pure relax with the Holy Day, which will let you enjoy your readings, offering comfort and well-being.
On the other hand, when your choice is Barcelona chair from Prospettive, the luxury, elegance and comfort are the key words. Feel yourself a real king or queen on your throne with Barcelona, ​​turning your book stories into reality.
Remebering the fairytales, the Cutie chair recalls fairytales and warm environments with the upholstered in a long-haired - a real pleasure whether for the touch, the look or the endless hours that you are reading.
Pure levitation...while turning the book pages, in the comfort of Leviit, which with elegant curves will make you levitating.

chairs and sofas




In rugs, blankets and cozy pillows

For a perfect scenario! And welcoming. We know that cozy spaces are the ideal decor and we can not resist to comfort.
To add color and confort to your reading corner, you must choose items that provide wellness as well as a touch of color and personality.

Nanimarquina's rugs are alway a winner, with textures and fascinating colors. To keep the theme on this area, we choose Roses, a sea of roses, walking over a cotton field will be a delight; and Cal rug, th suspended art transformed into floating rugs, creating attractive combinations with the irregular and colorfull shapes of these true inspiring rugs.
From Home Concept, blankets and pillows are the perfect mix! Comfortable, in high quality and super cozy, they offer moments of pure pleasure. Add and decorate your own reading nook with Home Concept pieces will always improve it.

rugs and blankets for reading nooks

In colors that don't saturate

So that the environment does not become heavy or tiring. When it comes to decorating and painting, it is essential that you look very well before choosing. Do you know that there is a meaning behind every color? For example, light colors, soft nuances and/or pastel shades bring harmony and serenity into home. They symbolize tranquility and well-being. In addition, they are great to match; They do not compromise the decor and so the combinations are endless.

In lighting that allows the best reading possible

Lighting is a very important aspect to take into account. You must know that a spot with low light will tire your eyesight, will force you to force reading and you will not take any advantage of this moment. Lamps with appropriate light are always a good choice for your reading corner.

Simplicity, style and functionality, that is all it takes to have a good reading lamp. Talak from Artemide, with a minimalistic and contemporary design, is the perfect choice for your reeding nook.
An innovating, sophisticated lamp that lights up the way. Demetra, the reading lamp from Artemide. Equipped with a presence detector, Demetra lightens up after identifying movement up to 2,5m away. How great is this? To complete, Detra is a flexible lamp, full of movement and you can put it anywhere.
With Flow, a flow of light will be enough for you to enjoy your readings and all the space around you, make it cozy and sophsticated. A set of rings around a sphere, Flow's major feature and the diffuser takes up a central role, both in design as well as in the lighting.
The chimera is living and feeling in quiet spaces brushed with fantasy - a small spot of light in your special place at home. So this is Eos mini from VITA, that add a special magic on your reading nook.





When it comes to decorating your reading nook...

make sure it matches these needs.
Add details that express your personality. For book lovers, this space will not only be incredibly magical but will also be your little corner, a place with your signature. This may be the most special area of your home.


It is very important that you choose this place wisely!