Many people don't like this season, January seems like an endless month, and the gray days are here to stay. 

However, it is at home that we find comfort and well-being, to overcome the rainy days and the sad mood. Here, we can make a happy and delightful environment by put together a set of essential pieces for winter.

Make your home a happy place even in the winter!

In the cold season we do not give up of pieces that bring comfort. 




There are pieces that you should have at home, for these cold seasons. 
The blankets and pillows are important accessories, simple to attach to the decor and you can combine them with any space and environment. Arrange these elements ensures comfort and coziness and these are easy proposals to take home.



Ola throws - Linum
The perfect way to warm up on cold nights. Ola is the perfect throw to always have on hand. Refined and elegant, and always very warm.




Home Concept

Whisper printed sham - Home Concept
A light and minimalist print to match with relaxing and serene moments. Follow your dreams!



Home Concept

Whisper decorative cushions - Home Concept
The whispers of the earth...
The neutrality of the tones of this decorative cushion that inspires delicate decorations and with main focus on comfort.


Home Concept


Whisper decorative cushions - Home Concept
The warm gray.
A cushion that ensure comfort and that adds beauty to any decor.


BlomusMenoto umbrella stand - Blomus
The most refined and contemporary place to let dry your guest's umbrellas. A winter must have!






This month, and for a perfect winter, we highlight some accessories that have quickly become our favorites. For a comfortable home and where tranquillity prevail. Who said winter can not be tempting?





Tres pouf - Nanimarquina
Tres joins the comfort and well-being, in the unique style of Nanimarquina: where we feel cozy and in our nest.

Double candleholder - Menu
Impressive and luxurious candlesticks that were inspired by dance and movement. Designed for large candles.




We love details that warm our the home - and our heart!
An hot tea in the late afternoon, a book with a thousand stories to tell, and a comforting meal are little pleasures that we do not give up. This is how winter has more color, more flavor and more comfort.





Teresa Pontes Casa Jardim Decoração
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