Kandy her majesty wallpaper - Elitis

Elitis - Kandy her majesty wallpaper color 05

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Her Majesty from Kandy collection - for a real princess!

Inspired by *Kandy, Sri Lanka's sacred city...

Shantung silk, more natural than the real one, timeless and just beautiful

Silk is a mythical product. Sun light will play with her, by making her reveal her several pigments along the four seasons.

All your senses will refine themselves: vision, touch... undescribable sensations!!!

From another century and preserved in time.

Made of mate vinyl with a paper base, Kandy has a good light resistance and is washable with water and Ignifugo M1, ASTM E84 class A 

The wallpapers were studied for their use intensly used rooms, such as offices, hotels or any other area that requires a high-resistant wall paper and a spotless hygiene.

Width: 1 m
Length: 10 m