Charcoal grill - Eva Solo

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    Eva Solo Charcoal grill
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Eva Solo - Charcoal grill

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    Eva Solo Cooking lid
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Eva Solo - Cooking lid

Eva Solo



The barbecue king!

An elegant grill, for both indoor and outdoor use, that will delight you and your guests.
Its design allows it to adapt it self to every environment, but the best feature are its grilled dishes....

Charcoal grill designed by Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk, for Eva Solo.

To think that something so simple, can be so functional and delicious!

When not at use, you can transform this practical and modern grill into an elegant table garnishing your terrace.

The charcoal grill can also be used for extra warmth and confort.
Just place a couple of logs over the glowing charcoal, to create a small campfire, then, refill your wineglasses and enjoy the rest of your evening for a couple of hours.

Just beneath the elegantly designed stainless steell grid, sits a charcoal bucket, where the grill is lit. After using the grill, simply lift the bucket and empty the ash.

The grill is elegantly designed and made out of stainless steel inside and out. 

The dome-shapped cooking lid, makes it possible to prepare a delicious chicken with fresh lemons, or a rosemary-crusted rack of lamb, for example.

Enjoy your meal!

Prizes and awards:

  • Baden-Württemberg International Design Award 2004 "Focus in Silber", Design Center Stuttgart, Germany
  • Best new product 2005 New York International Gift Fair, United States
  • Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) Gold Winner 2005 BusinessWeek magazine and IDSA, United States
  • Designpreis 2007-Nominee-German Design Council, Germany

Eva Solo
Height: 88 cm
Diameter: 59 cm



Eva Solo

Diameter: 59 cm



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