Cut ’n slice cutting wheel - Eva Solo

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    Eva Solo Cut ’n slice cutting wheel
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Eva Solo - Cut ’n slice cutting wheel

Eva Solo



Cut 'N Slic - The elegance of the clean and functional design

Practical and functional, with the help of this accessory you can easily cut the slices of pizza fresh from the oven as a hot knife through butter!

It's also perfect for finely cut your favorite herbs.

An innovative knife that provides excellent performance effortlessly

A sharp blade is held in place while the plastic body protects and holds the blade with magnets, allowing a perfect rotation without friction.

The knife Cut 'N Slic is fully removable for easy cleaning and can be washed in the dishwasher.


Eva Solo

Height: 17 cm
Diameter: 14 cm



News: eva solo

last update: 08 August 2016

News: eva solo
Find out more about Eva Solo's world, with the news that stand out and complete our brand products.
Evening with friends

last update: 18 July 2016

Evening with friends
It's the perfect time to enjoy the summer with friends... Delicious moments with Inexistencia and Eva Solo.

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