Fireglobe gas grill - Eva Solo

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Eva Solo - Fireglobe gas grill

Eva Solo - Fireglobe gas grill



Significant details on a grill that will warm up your dinners!

The return of FireGlobe, on a sculptural gas grill.

Cooking with friends and family will be much more energetic and entertaining. Gathering all around FireGlobe will not be difficult; on the other hand, everyone will want to try cooking on this gas grill.  a

With simple design, it is in the small details that we find the characteristics that define Eva Solo. The stability comes from the three FireGlobe legs, which can be removed when the grill is not in use, so it takes up less space. The lid has, strategically thought,  a built-in thermometer.

Dinners on tropical nights will have a very special taste... and everyone will want to try FireGlobe - the gas grill!

Grill in aluminum and enameled steel.
Includes dome lid with thermometer and three individually controlled burners.

Eva Solo

Height: 80 cm
Diameter: 58 cm



Get the look #3 grill season

last update: 22 June 2017

Get the look #3 grill season
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