Gas grill - Eva Solo

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    Eva Solo Black gas grill
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Eva Solo - Black gas grill

Eva Solo



Renovate your garden and your grill......

Gas Grill by Eva Solo in painted black stainless steel.

Clean and simple lines will transform your terrace or garden...

In spite of having gained space in gardens, pateos, terraces, gas grills are not that appealing due to the gas bottle, that lays exposed destroying the surrounding design.
Thus, Eva Solo's gas grill came to life: handsome, simple and elegant.... and the bottle lays always hidden! Everything you dreamed of!!!

All of your cooking will taste great, thanks to three independent burners, and thermometre to control the temperature on the dome-shaped lid. This lid converts the grill in a conventional oven...
Grilled or roasted food always tasty.

The gas cylinder to be used is a 5 kg one and is hidden inside the grill.

Gas Grill by Eva Solo is in painted black stainless steel.

Awards and distinctions:

  • Designpreis 2009 - Nominee German Design Council, Germany.
  • Designpreis 2008 - Nominee German Design Council, Germany.
  • Baden-Württemberg International Design Award 2007 “Focus Gold” Design Center Stuttgart, Germany.

Eva Solo
Height: 80 cm
Diameter: 59 cm




Evening with friends

last update: 18 July 2016

Evening with friends
It's the perfect time to enjoy the summer with friends... Delicious moments with Inexistencia and Eva Solo.
Get the look #3 grill season

last update: 22 June 2017

Get the look #3 grill season
At Inexistencia we have everything prepared and we send you the invitation: the experience of grill season.

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