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Eva Solo - Glass jug

Eva Solo - Glass jug



A simple glass jug for water?... Of course not! ;)

Think further ... Think of flavored water with lemon and mint and lots of ice for a cool summer night ..
Think of fresh sangria filled with color, fruit and flavor!
Think of an herbal tea on a winter afternoon...

This Glass jug is anything but boring!

A piece with an elegant and intelligent design where you can serve fresh or hot drinks.

Its anti-drip system allows an easy use while its stainless steel lid with silicone prevents its content to absorb unwanted odors or flavors.

Add to your favorite drink the best ingredients through the wide top!
After release all its aroma and color, you can easily remove them again;)

Have a good time!

Jug in borosilicate glass and with Stainless steel lid.

Eva Solo
Height: 21.8 cm
Diameter: 11.2 cm
Capacity: 1.4 l