Grill basting brush - Eva Solo

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Eva Solo - Grill basting brush

Eva Solo - Grill basting brush



Complete your grills.
If you are an expert at these meals, you can not miss the Eva Solo's grill blasting brush.

To marinade in style, to add more flavour to your food!

In silicone, the brush supports temperatures up to 220ºC, making it perfect for grills. At the same time, its design sits very well in the hand.

Simple but complex to ensure the best dishes.
The ideal accessory to integrate into your collection of Eva Solo's grilled.

Grill basting brush in metal and silicone.

Eva Solo
Height: 32.4 cm
Width: 5 cm
Depth: 1.3 cm


Get the look #3 grill season

last update: 22 June 2017

Get the look #3 grill season
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