Grill brush - Eva Solo

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    Eva Solo Grill brush
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Eva Solo - Grill brush

Eva Solo - Grill brush

in stock | expected delivery 23 Apr - 27 Apr
Eva Solo



Grill brush by Eva Solo
Effectively removes food residues!

Ideal to always have near your Eva Solo's gas grill, this cleaning brush is made of stainless steel, nylon and silicone.

After your delicious grills, cleaning will be easy and super fast!

And to clean the brush from any dirt and grease?.... It couldn't be easier! ;)

Place it directly to the dishwasher and it will be ready for use!

Use and abuse of your favourite grills and enjoy!
The rest? The rest leave it for Eva Solo;)

In stainless steel, steel, nylon and silicone.


Eva Solo

Height: 38.7 cm
Width: 6.6 cm



Get the look #3 grill season
Get the look #3 grill season
At Inexistencia we have everything prepared and we send you the invitation: the experience of grill season.

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