Grill side table ø 59cm - Eva Solo

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    Eva Solo Grill side table
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Eva Solo - Grill side table

Grill side table - Eva Solo

expected delivery 02 Jun - 07 Jun
Eva Solo



Grill side table
Extra usefull space!

Fan of the Eva Solo's gaz grill? Then peek at this must-see new product!

All great chefs need an auxiliary bench. And the grill Chef is no exception! ;)

The perfect place to put meat and vegetables, utensils, herbs, spices and other auxiliary materials!

A side table that easily fits in the Eva Solo Gas grill.
In addition, it has the advantage of adding 4 useful hooks where you can hang tongs, gloves, towels ...

Once installed, this table support is easily removed without the need to use any tools!

Side table to fix the grill with a diameter of 59 cm.
In powder-coated steel matt black.

Eva Solo

Height: 22.9 cm
Width: 44 cm



Get the look #3 grill season
Get the look #3 grill season
At Inexistencia we have everything prepared and we send you the invitation: the experience of grill season.
Grill time!
Grill time!
Dinners on summer nights will have a very special taste. Choose the grill that fits you!

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