Plancha griddle - Eva Solo

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    Eva Solo Plancha griddle
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Eva Solo - Plancha griddle

Eva Solo - Plancha griddle

Eva Solo



Plancha in enameled cast iron

Two sides, endless delights!

Ideal for use in combination with your Eva Solo's  grill, this versatile "Plancha" has two different sides to perform different and cooked perfect:

Grooved side with griddle: the ideal place for the fish for that friend who does not eat meat, it's also perfect for grilling vegetables for a delicious thematic side dish!

Flat side: perfect for pancakes and bacon! And why not eggs? Fried or scrambled it will always be a must have!

Made from cast iron, the Plancha quickly reaches elevated temperatures ensuring at the same time, a uniform heat distribution.

A practical drain hole along the edge ensures that the fats and juices do not drip to the grill, preventing consequent smoke or flames!

Have we opened your appetite? ;)



Eva Solo
Height: 1.67 cm
Width: 47.7 cm
Depth: 24.4 cm



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last update: 22 June 2017

Get the look #3 grill season
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