Self-watering orchid pot - Eva Solo

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Eva Solo - Self-watering orchid pot 13cm

Eva Solo - Self-watering orchid pot

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Eva Solo - Self-watering orchid pot 15cm

Eva Solo - Self-watering orchid pot



Now you can have the orchids you love so much, at home, without spending much of your time.
The ideal vase for everyone who loves this special flower.

With a reservoir of water, taking care of your orchid will be a pleasure!

The idela gift!!!

Thanks to the nylon wicks and the water reservoir, on Eva Solo's vases, the growth of your flower at home is guaranteed. The glass vases allow your orchids to absorb sunlight and the reservoir ensures that the plant consumes just the water it needs.

Easy to clean and with a beautiful aesthetic, it is an excellent choice for home decoration.

Orchid pot in frosted glass, glass and nylon.

Eva Solo
Height: 14.6 cm
Diameter: 13 cm


Eva Solo
Height: 17 cm
Diameter: 15 cm


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