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    Eva Solo Thermo flask orange 0,50l
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Eva Solo - Thermo flask orange 0,50l

Eva Solo - Thermo flask



Thermo Flask, always at the same temperature...

This bottle is perfect for picnics, car journeys, trips to the beach...

 ... as it keeps beverages cold, or hot for up to 8 hours!

A versatile bottle, due to it's design and funcionality:

  • During Summer: take it everywhere, keep a cool drink always at hand! 
  • During Winter: take your tea or coffee wherever you go.. always hot!

Even when you feel the need to replace your handbag or sunglasses, the timeless design of the water flask will ensure that it also goes perfectly with next season’s collection of indispensable accessories.

It has an elegant strap, that matches the inside of the bottle, to ensure a happy moment of colour! :)
This Thermo Flask is the perfect travel companion.

The water flask is a true double-sided thermo flask made from dishwasher-proof stainless steel. 
The screw-on top and strap, however, must be washed by hand.

Available in others colors.


Eva Solo
Height: 23 cm
Diameter: 7,5 cm