Silhouette vases - Eva Solo

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    Eva Solo Silhouette vase 18,5cm
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Eva Solo - Silhouette vase 18,5cm

Eva Solo - Silhouette vases

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    Eva Solo Silhouette vase 22cm
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Eva Solo - Silhouette vase 22cm

Eva Solo - Silhouette vases

Eva Solo



The colors of the season, the aromas, the beauty and freshness that goes well in any home.
We talk about the vases that are the favorite place for the flowers you like the most.
Made of mouth-blown, smoke-colored glass, Silhouette vases will contrast beautifully with colorful flowers, which you can arrange in this vase.

A beautiful silhouette to welcome spring in your home...

A different note at home, to change the decoration depending on the season.
A detail of purity and color.

Available in two sizes, streamline a more monotonous space and play with the proportions of the vases.
They are naturally beautiful and versatile pieces that bring the interior to life - with or without flowers.

Can be washed in the dishwasher.

Eva Solo
Height: 18,5 cm
Diameter: 12,1 cm


Eva Solo
Height: 22,2 cm
Diameter: 14 cm


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