Vases crosses - Holme Gaard

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    Holme Gaard Vase clear crosses 19,5cm
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Holme Gaard - Vase clear crosses 19,5cm

Holme Gaard - Vase crosses 19,5cm

Holme Gaard



A new place for flowers...
The sophistication and the simplicity of a versatile and unique vase.

Crosses: the perfect ornament for a decoration full of life!

Beautiful by itself, the vase offers multiple options for displaying your flowers or for decorating a sideboard.
In different colors and sizes, you will be able to use your imagination and build a true scenario of elegance in any environment.

By the hand of Bodil Kjær, the danish designer, this is a suggestion to risk when it is time to choose your favorite vase.

Vases Crosses in hand-blown glass.

design Bodil Kjær

Holme Gaard
Height: 19,5 cm
Width: 12,2 cm
Depth: 12,2 cm


Holme Gaard
Height: 25 cm
Width: 9,7 cm
Depth: 9,7 cm



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