Springforms - Eva Solo

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    Eva Solo Springform 26cm
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Eva Solo - Springform 26cm

Baking springforms - Eva Solo

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Eva Solo


The bakery has now more style!

The Eva Trio spring forms come to break with antique utensils for cakes.
Improved, more functional and without forgetting the innovative design.

From the oven to the table. Unmolding cakes is so simple...

The cheesecake, cold desserts that break down when it's time to serve or the moist cakes that become destroyed before time.
Goodbye desserts that let us down!!

With its loose base, these forms will be an essential help for unmolding. How come?
Just release the base at the time of serving, and voila: the perfect result just as a real chef! 
The perfect cake you designed, on your table for all guests.

Bakery lovers will be surrounded to the usefulness of Eva Trio's forms and no one will resist to your bakery.
With Eva Trio forms, so much functional and practical, the challenge will be leaving the kitchen!

In metal with PFOA-free treatment.  
Non-stick Slip-Let® coating.


Eva Solo

Diameter: 24 cm


Eva Solo

Diameter: 26 cm


Eva Solo

Diameter: 24 cm


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