Cast iron casserole - Eva Solo

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    Eva Solo Cast iron casserole
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Eva Solo - Cast iron casserole

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Eva Solo



Cast iron casserole - Perfection and beauty in just one piece!
Cast iron is one of the oldest materials in the production of pots and pans.

The Cast iron casserole heats up slowly, keeping the heat for longer, being excellent for dishes that deserve and need to cook slowly.

Excellent for recipes cooked over low heat and also to grill meat

In light cast iron, approximately 10% lighter than the usual cast iron pots.

It can be used on any stove (gas, electric or induction) and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Your cooking deserve unique pieces ♡

Eva Solo

Diameter: 24 cm
Capacity: 4 lt


News: eva solo
News: eva solo
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