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    Home Concept Wilder plaid 170x130
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Home Concept - Wilder plaid 170x130

Home Concept - Wilder manta



Come along with Home Concept and let yourself be inspired by Wilder.

This blanket promisses to surprise you...
In a darker tone to warm up you and your guests, when the moon is the main guest.

The Wilder plaid shows how to dare, in a strong nuance and full of personality.

The wild side, the adventures of sunny days and memories when the moon is the protagonist. A passionate and inspiring collection: Wilder!

Plaid in 100% cotton.

Care Guide

Can be washed in the washing machine up to 40° with short spin.
Can be dried in the tumble dryer at reduced temperature.
Can be dry cleaned.
Ironing at 150º maximum.
Do not bleach.


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