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    Lexon Hoop speaker grey
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Lexon - Hoop speaker grey

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    Lexon Hoop speaker red
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Lexon - Hoop speaker red



Hoop - loud and clear...

Brilliant! Hoop are rechargeable columns in the shape of a donut.

To take everywhere, Hoop adapts to any situation and any place!
Over a table or hanged wherever you prefer, you can create your own Club!

For those who can't live without music!!!

Includes a wall suyport and a rubber cord in the same color. Always in fashion.

With 4.0 + EDR bluetooth, connects to any device that has the same type of connectivity.
2x3W columns.
With USB plug, charges in 2 to 3 hours and you can listen to music for 8hours.
Manufactured in ABS, steel and rubber.

design Valentina Del Ciotto & Simone Spalvieri


Diameter: 12 cm
Depth: 4.1 cm




Christmas gifts & christmas songs.

last update: 07 December 2016

Christmas gifts & christmas songs.
DIY: learn how to wrap up your christmas gifts between the classic songs around the house.