Lina - Sofa moon small red

Lina - Sofa moon small orange

Lina - Sofa moon small yellow

Lina - Sofa moon small lime



Moon Small... entertainement is assured!

The Moon Small, with its playful colours, atract children and joung people.

The moon through children's eyes...

With some imagination and some Moons, children can build their own universe: tunnels, swings, resting and relaxing places. And prepare yourself to find new shapes, since their imagination has no boundries!!

Moon is perfect for children's rooms, since it has no sharpened corners that can cause harm. It is made of a very soft and comfortable foam that will please both children as well as the parents.
Moon Small is made up of two parts that come together as one: bench, table or sofa!!!!

The cover is removable and washable up to 40º. 

The sofa is made of plywood, covered in foam and in 3D-Tex cloth.

There is an infinity of possible combinations among the 36 colours available.


Awards and honors:

  • Interior Innovation Award 2009

Height: 28 cm
Width: 70 cm
Depth: 35 cm