Annabel oven mitt - Linum

Linum - Annabell red oven mitt



Annabell oven mitt in 100% cotton.

From oven to the table with great safety...

Linum oven mitts are the perfect accessory for your kitchen.
Discrete and simple, easily serve their purpose: to help in the arduous cooking task. The oven door opens ... with delicious aromas ..... use the Annabell gloves and you're ready to grab the delicious roast !!!

When not in use, can be hung by the stove.

It is recommended to wash the cotton textiles at 60 degrees.
All cotton items produced by Linum can be dried in the dryer.
Linum recomends natural drying.

Great and reliable quality even after daily use and frequent washing.


Width: 15 cm
Depth: 32 cm