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    Nanimarquina Estambul rug - 170x255
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Nanimarquina - Estambul rug - 170x255

expected delivery 05 Apr - 10 Apr
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    Nanimarquina Estambul rug - 200x300
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Nanimarquina - Estambul rug - 200x300

expected delivery 05 Apr - 10 Apr


Estambul... The dichotomy. An horizontal screen. A work of art underneath​ your feet.

The original design is a watercolor painting on paper made by Mariscal in the year 1987.

Taking this point, the design updated on a line route next to small squares, synthesize in a single product the East and West, the traditional craftsmanship and the contemporary design.

There is always a reason to create, to laugh and to wake up

Faced with the challenge of a blank paper, several authors reflected on the very essence of carpets design.

A graphic and industrial designer, a painter and one writer also gallerist, signed each one of these exclusive designs, where the personal views of contemporary carpet are evident.

All with a common bond: the choice of the absence of color, black and white duo to strengthen their identity. 

The final design manages to transmit a basic layout concept of the classic Persian rug.


Know in detail all Nanimarquina tecniques in our Design in Life Mag.

design Javier Mariscal


Height: 170 cm
Width: 255 cm


Height: 200 cm
Width: 300 cm

Handmade, using the system "HandTufted", 100% wool of New Zealand. 
Has density of 46,500 knots/m2. 
The height of the pile is 14mm and the total height of the rug is 20mm, weights 4,5kg/m2. 


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