Flying carpet carpet with rocking base - Magis

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    Magis Flying carpet with rocking base
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Magis - Flying carpet with rocking base

Magis - Flying carpet


Flying Carpet...

When Eero Aarnio designed the Flying Carpet, he certainly thought of Aladin, the boy that with the help of the genie of the lamp attempted to save the princess...
Magis accepted this piece for their Me Too collection, being, since then, appreciated by everyone.

Adventurous girls, wait for their prince... Boys, voracious and full of ambition, jump on the carpet and away they go, looking for challenges ... and of course ... your princess!

The base, in polyethylene, swings, creating the illusion of movement... The colorfull rug, in polyamide, gives colour and joy to the Flying Carpet.
The rocking base can be used indoor as outdoor.

Fly away... with Flying Carpet!


Height: 28 cm
Width: 100 cm
Depth: 120 cm


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