Pino memo doll - Materia

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    Materia Memo doll
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Materia - Memo doll




Pino, your memory voodoo !!!

Pino is a dual-purpose memory aid: it is the perfect place to keep everything, good or bad, you want to remember.
Important dates, urgent tasks or chores, deadlines, small personal or professional misunderstanding that impels you to think of a humorous payback.

Pino's size and shape allow to easily move it to where it is more convenient.

Its anthropomorphic shape, makes him the perfect target to exorcise your anger, by spearing some pins in strategic or symbolic places, voodoo style.
In spite of doing no harm to the targets' health or well-being, the same is not applied to your bad mood, which will disappear :)

Made of Agglomerated cork and pushpins.


design Daniel Caramelo

Height: 22 cm
Diameter: 10.2 cm



At home
At home
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