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Materia - Salt and pepper



Par - salt and pepper!

A pinch is all you need for magic to happen

Used with art and knowledge, salt and pepper, are capable of raising your senses, transforming each dish into a delicacy.
Easily unnoticed amongst the other heavy weight players, it is, nevertheless, the subtle alchemy of salt and pepper that preside the kitchen's drift.

An ingredient gains dominance, a mixture finds balance, one enters in the domain of flavour.

Par allows you to keep these powerful ingredients under control, sealed safely inside the glass bodies. 

Perfectly sized, Par holds its vertical support on the cork element, the main surface in contact with the hand and the sealing action of the content.


With a simple gesture, seasoning is assured!

Made of Agglomerated cork and glass.


design Nendo


Height: 8.8 cm
Diameter: 4.1 cm


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We ♡ christmas: our favourite products!
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