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Menu - Dropp bowl neo purple



Dropp from Menu... Splashes of originality!

It has attitude and it is an interesting alternative to conventional thinking.

The bowl's original shape looks like a spalsh of ink frozen in time!

Designed to be used as a bread basket or a fruit bowl, with its innovating and functional shape, it also works as a decorating bowl for your keys, coins and other stuff.

Dropp is made of silicone with a smooth and shiny interior, and a mat exterior. 

Available in different colours, from the powerful black, to the playful lilac and red, or to the elegant white.

design Niels Romer 


Height: 14 cm
Diameter: 29 cm



Review: spicy vanilla

last update: 27 May 2016

Review: spicy vanilla
As soon as we discovered the Spicy Vanilla, we challenged Cinthia to explore store.inexistencia.com and introduce the store in her world of reviews.