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Menu - Corner divider

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Menu - Corner divider



From Corner shelf, the designer Kyuhyung Cho created the Corner dividers.

Beauty and contemporaneity when it's time to divide...

With medium or small elements you can create dividers on your Corner shelf
The endless possibilities of creating spaces to show some home objects without compromise the decoration and modern look of your home. 

Easy to use...  just land it on your Corner shelf, horizontal or vertical ...
The first paragraph is created!

But, why did Kyuhyung Cho choose the left corner?
The designer explains the principle for this creation: "When we write on paper, we start from the left, allowing us to structure our words."

Allow yourself to create, to build... transform something beautiful into an unusual creation, full of stories to tell!

Each corner will be unique, unseen, and personal!

Powder coated steel,


Height: 8,3 cm
Width: 26,3 cm
Depth: 8,3 cm