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Cleaning with style!

When modernity, timelessness and enjoyable designs get together to create objects for daily use:  for housekeeping and cleaning of your home.

Sweeper: ingenious, fun and super useful!

Broom in wood and horsetail hair and funel in plastic, Sweeper will be your new best friend which will help you in the housekeeping.

Sweeper is much more than a simple cleaning utensil ... it is so wonderful that you will want to have it always at hand...

But that's not it, its design allows a more effective cleaning:
The broom slides from the funnel revealing an architected hole so that the dust and ashes are directly dumped in the trash.

Not only is the accessorie of the moment but also the design is thought so that the cleaning accessories don't lose charm.

Sweeper, your new love!!!

Height: 31 cm
Width: 23 cm
Depth: 7cm



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