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in stock | expected delivery 12 Dec - 14 Dec
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Supported on four legs, it resembles the tall wooden supports, or the stilts.

Have you noticed how this vase looks like a laboratory test tube and has a drop-shaped form?
It's the inspiration behind Theresa Rand's design - that surprises in all creations.

Échasse Vase, inspiration and enthusiasm in the creation of this piece.

It is in beauty and practicality that Theresa Rand creates her designs, objects for daily use with a touch of innovation and charisma.
The vases, which may be the perfect place to receive your flowers, but also stand out as a decorative piece on their own - on the living room floor or on a table.
The colour gradients of the glass blend with the lightness of the legs.

Available in three different sizes, play with perspectives and dynamics.

Échasse vases in smoked glass and base in solid brushed brass.

design Theresa Rand


Height: 28 cm
Diameter: 15/10 cm

Height: 45 cm
Diameter: 22/15 cm

Height: 60 cm
Diameter: 30/200 cm



New year, new home
New year, new home
Must-have pieces to bring a new life into your home. After all, a new year means a new beginning.

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