28 December 2021

New year, new home

Must-have pieces to bring a new life into your home. After all, a new year means a new beginning.


With the new year around the corner, it's time to choose the best pieces to give a new life to your home. It's the small details that make the big difference - and nothing better than starting a new year with new decorations. After all, a new year means a new beginning. The change starts inside and it's time to choose the pieces you like the most for this new chapter. Make your house a home! 



Vase Échasse Menu
Inspiration and enthusiasm in the creation of this piece; objects for daily use with a touch of innovation and charisma. The colour gradients of the glass blend with the lightness of the legs and Échasse may be the perfect place to receive your flowers but also a decorative piece on their own - on the living room, on the floor or on a table. Available in three different sizes, play with perspectives and dynamics.


Table lamp Nessino Artemide
It embodies the 60's spirit, through optimistic and colourful lines. A lamp with a mushroom shape that emits colourful light.


simple forms

Seat stool Stack Simple Forms
The fun and irregular shape makes him an excellent company: in the bedroom, in the living-room, in the kitchen or even in the bathroom. Stool in agglomerate cork, with simple lines and functional.



Mirror Norm Floor Menu
The beauty of the shape and the concerned about details. Designed to lean against a wall and lying on the floor, reflects your image wherever you want; and adds audacity to the decor with the irreverence of a scandinavian mirror.


max benjamin

Candle Dodici Max Benjamin
Combines elegance with the soft power of a candle flame. It is the perfect element to complete the decoration with revitalizing energy and soothing lighting. Each Max Benjamin candle is designed and hand-made, using 100% natural waxes, the wicks are made in unleaded italian cotton. The finest essential oils are added to produce their unique blend of fragrances.



Coffee table Hang Out Umage
The simple lines, the thin legs, the lightness and gracefulness of this coffee table invoke the Nordic inspiration. It is also amazing in its shape, with a special bag suspended under the top.
Here, you can put magazines, be original and decorate it with flowers, put down a book: your imagination is the limit. In solid oak, laminated veneer, artificial leather, polyester and steel plated brass.

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