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Because any decoration, to be complete, needs a vase; and because the flowers you like the most, need the perfect support to stay beautiful and delicate.
Troll vases are the ideal option.

The properties of glass in harmony with the design.

MENU has always created iconic and outstanding pieces that are unique, creative and original.
Troll vases started from the study of the properties of glass, the color changes in union with the thickness of the material.

Its dynamic lines, thin top and sturdy base make Troll progressively a subtle change in color and density.
A stunning note, a prominent and exquisite piece.

Available in different sizes, so you can play and risk with asymmetries, and in glass of different colors: smoke and amber.

Vases in glass colored smoke or amber.

design Anderssen & Voll


Height: 19 cm
Diameter: 13 cm


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