Furo centerpiece - Materia

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    Materia Centerpiece
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Materia - Centerpiece

expected delivery 15 Oct - 19 Oct



Furo... Fun and unpredictable!

Much more than a simple bowl or container in your living-room or office.

Furo aspires something more and to meet an end, it is placed on tiptoes over its long legs!

Each leg is a colour pencil... and with its extremeties turned inside out, it becomes a drawing machine, allowing your creative rush to grow.
Just slide it along a piece of paper and it will be covered with perfectly lined up lines and curves, in perfect tune!!

Furo is made up of a main cork piece, where 36 colour pencils or 4 red pencils fit in, in two different settings.
The legs-pencils can be removed for easy storage or to slow down Furo's artistic temper:

Made of agglomerated cork and colour pencils.

design Fernando Brizio

Height: 28.6 cm
Diameter: 25.5 cm



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