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    Normann Copenhagen Black funnel
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Normann Copenhagen - Black funnel

Normann Copenhagen



The funnel is an essential kitchen tool, mas that also represents a general problem...

Very versatile in its use, but very hard and incovenient in its storage... Up to now!

A funnel that can be folded to a smal disc, and that can be suitably stored in a kitchen drawer or hanged on a kitchen wall

Boje Estermann designed this original and foldable funnel. Later on, in a partnership with Normann Copenhaga, he developed a rubber to preserve its shape, but that could also fold easily, respecting the cleaning and use demands.

Awarded with:
Formex Priset 2004, Suecia
Design Plus 2005, Alemanha
Formland Prisen 2005, Dinamarca
Reddot Design Award 2005, Alemanha
Good Design Award 2005, USA 


Boje Estermann 

Normann Copenhagen
Height: 16 cm
Diameter: 12 cm



Made of rubber, suitable for hot and cold liquids.
Easy to keep clean. Dishwasher safe.

Note: If the funnel unfolds itself, just place it, during the night, under a heavy object, so that it can make enough pressure.


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