Bliss sugar bowl - Normann Copenhagen

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    Normann Copenhagen Bliss sugar bowl
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Normann Copenhagen - Bliss sugar bowl

Normann Copenhagen - Bliss Sugar Bowl 30 cl. Grey

Normann Copenhagen



May your day be sweeter.
Today, tomorrow and the day after. Every morning at the breakfast table.

In each spoon of sugar, more Bliss.

When you feel that true happiness is born at the table, with objects of daily use that are the starting point for a more beautiful decoration and a lighter and sweeter expression.
And because sugar bowl can also take place at the breakfast table, with a modern and sophisticated touch.

That's what Bliss sugar bowl offers: more elegance, more sobriety, more purity.
Smooth shapes and minimalist expressions.

Bliss, a tea service collection. As its name implies, it is a set that refers to happiness, purity and lightness. The designer, Odo Fioravanti, created a service that, being modern and delicate, it is also sturdy.
In porcelain with a glossy glazing inside and a matt coloured glazing outside.
The Bliss collection comprises the Sugar bowl, the Milk jug and the Cups and mugs.

Suitable for dishwasher.

design Odo Fioravanti 

Normann Copenhagen
Height: 11,2 cm
Width: 9,2 cm
Depth: 9,2 cm


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