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    Covo Habit  set of 3 drinking glasses
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Covo - Habit set of 3 drinking glasses




Habit, when bodies become toys...

Three-dimensional, versatile and stackable, promise fun at the table!

With a very simple design, its shape allows each one to express its one creativity.  Because they may be stacked, it facilitates storage, and gives wings to the imagination of the most playful minds ... creating glass castles or towers!!!

Water, wine, juice ... the color palette is endless.

Sold in set of three cups.


design  Jessica Signell Knutsson


S. h. 6.1 cm Ø 6.7 cm 
M. h. 7.3 cm  Ø 8.1 cm 
L. h. 8.8 cm  Ø 9.7 cm 


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