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    Qeeboo Rabbit outdoor lamp
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Qeeboo - Rabbit outdoor lamp

Qeeboo - Rabbit outdoor lamp




Let the light guide you!
Or the Rabbit...

In the garden, an unconventional light!

Rabbit is the outdoor lamp that, in white, promises to cheer up and brighten your nights.
For dinners with friends, as decoration by the trees, near the pool, for a more daring balcony - with Rabbit lamp, the possibilities are endless!

Stefano Giovannoni has already accustomed us to eccentric and unique creations. The rabbit is the last creation to come out of his magic hat.
Creative and unique, magic happens!

Rabbit outdoor lamp in polyethylene.

design Stefano Giovannoni

Height: 80 cm
Width: 39.5 cm
Depth: 68.8 cm


Degree of protection IP65
Insulation category III
Certification of European conformity
Suitable for installation on inflammable surfaces


Bulbs: LED, 16 color of light RGB


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