Songbird ravn wooden figures - Rosendahl

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    Rosendahl songbird ravn wooden figures
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Rosendahl - songbird ravn wooden figures

Rosendahl - songbird ravn wooden figures




The irreverent plumag!
This is our most rebellious member.

Songbird: will sing wherever you wish, with all its personality and audacity.

Stylish, it harmonizes the classic with the contemporary, in a powerful and timeless color. This is SongBird, the little bird that you'll want to have close to you.
In the office, on your desk, in the lobby or in the living room. Any environment will become more special with this strong presence.

Let yourself be carried away by the songs from Songbird, the boldest figure left to complete this delightful collection - and contrast with all other vivid colors.

Rosendahl produces these wooden creatures, still today, in close cooperation with Kay Bojesen's family.
Made of oak.

design Kay Bojesen 1950

Height: 15.1 cm
Width: 15.8 cm


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