Dinner service fernando pessoa - SPAL

SPAL - Fernando pessoa set of 6 table plates

SPAL - Fernando pessoa set of 6 soupe plates

SPAL - Fernando pessoa set of 6 fruit plates

SPAL - Fernando pessoa set of 6 dessert plates

SPAL - Fernando pessoa serving tray

SPAL - Fernando pessoa salad bowl

SPAL - Fernando pessoa round tray

SPAL - Fernando pessoa cake tray



A tribute to Fernando Pessoa and his magnificent work

In the transcript poem, "Ode Maritimo", we are sent into the imaginary world of pirates and sea battles, related to the Descobrimentos Portugueses (the portuguese discoveries in the XV century)

An hommage to an irreproachable author in the portuguese culture

The creative capacity that gave a new direction to the portuguese literature

Plates with 27cm diameter 
Soup plates with 21cm diameter 
Fruit plates with 22cm diameter 
Dessert plates with 16cm diameter 
Serving tray with 36 x 25cm
Salad Bowl with 20cm diameter 
Round Tray with 30cm diameter 
Cake Tray with 37 x 15cm





White, high quality lasting porcelain
Dishwasher and microwave safe



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We love christmas!
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