Tableware globe - SPAL

SPAL - Globe set of 6 table plates

SPAL - Globe set of 6 soupe plates

SPAL - Globe set of 6 fruit plates

SPAL - Globe set of 6 dessert plates

SPAL - Globe charger

SPAL - Globe serving tray 46x23cm

SPAL - Globe serving tray 39x19cm



Globe white porcelain dinner service.
Discreet and minimalistic outlines with Stefanie Hering's design.

The over-sized plates stand out any gastronomic delicacy

Table plates with 28cm diameter 
Soup plates with 22cm diameter 
Fruit plates with 22cm diameter 
Dessert plates with 16cm diameter 
Charger with 32cm diameter 
Serving tray with 46 x 23cm
Serving tray with 39 x 19cm

design Stefanie Hering




White, high quality lasting porcelain 
Microwave and dishwasher safe