White color absorber - Steamery

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    Steamery Color absorber 40 un
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Steamery - Color absorber 40 un

Color absorber - Steamery

in stock | expected delivery 28 May - 31 May


Mix colored and lighter textiles without worrying about color bleeding. White color absorber are the must-have utensil in your home laundry.

White color absorber : the change you need.

White color absorber makes it possible to mix colored and lighter textiles without the risk of discoloration. The laundry sheets work like magnets, absorbing loose color pigments spinning around in your washing machine and prevent them from being transmitted to other garments.

The extraordinary families ally: fewer washes, save time and energy; mnimize color bleeding and discolorations.

Note: "The color absorbing sheets are very effective. However, they cannot absorb 100% of the color pigments. Always use the product with a certain amount of common sense."


Capacity: 40 sheets


Other features:

  • Fewer washes, save time and energy
  • Minimize color bleeding and discolorations
  • Ideal for striped, printed and multicolored garments
  • Protect your whites from becoming dull and greyish
  • Emits no microplastics
  • Made of 100% viscose
  • The packaging is made of FSC-certified paper



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