Nuova pasta serving spoon - WMF

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    WMF Nuova pasta serving spoon
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WMF - Nuova pasta serving spoon

WMF - Nuova pasta serving spoon




Serving pasta has never been so simple...
Nuova is a spoon that allows serving a generous amount of pasta and which, at the same time, is elegant and modern.

A long and beautiful spoon, so you can combine functionality and design.

For all pasta lovers!

A small hole in this spoon allows the drained of any residual liquid - to make your pasta even better!

Created for a special collection of cutlery that promises to be the greatest allies for every meal.
To make all the moments at the table perfect and delicious!

"Nuova" pasta serving spoon in polished stainless steel.

design Jutta Keil


Lenght: 30 cm


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