Profi plus balloon whisk - WMF

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    WMF Balloon whisk 7 loops
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WMF - Balloon whisk 7 loops

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    WMF Balloon whisk 4 loops
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WMF - Balloon whisk 4 loops




Balloon whisk from "Profi Plus" line.
A simple piece ... A must-have in your kitchen!

Of great use to beat creams, egg yolks, egg whites or just to emulsify sauces.

In a flash, get a delicious whipped cream to serve with a romantic and fresh strawberries salad!

Very practical, lightweight, simple and functional, to assist in the making of sweet and savory dishes.

Choose between the smallest size for sauces, or the largest size to beat more effectively creams and egg whites, creating greater aeration and better end results.

The darker baloon wisk, is ideal to use on non-stick surfaces, and its synthetic material is resistant to high temperatures.



Lenght: 15 cm



Lenght: 25 cm



Lenght: 20 cm
Dishwasher safe.
In polished stainless steel with Cromargan® protection.

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