Profi plus rack for 6 pieces - WMF

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    WMF Rack for 6 pieces
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WMF - Rack for 6 pieces




Rack for 6 pieces in polished stainless steel ...
To always have on hand, the tools you need!

A simple but elegant support for the organization in your kitchen.

"Profi Plus" is a very complete line of essential kitchen tools

As a practical matter, all the accessories of this line were created with a small loop at the end to facilitate their storage.

Thus, the WMF could not fail to create the perfect support for the storage of the "Profi Plus" kitchen's tools so that you can always have them always on hand.

Use it also to hang cloths or even to hang your kitchen gloves.




Height: 2.6 cm
Length: 45 cm


Delivered  with the respective screws.
With Cromargan® protection.
Dishwasher safe.


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